Google dropping ActiveSync not a problem for PlayBook and BlackBerry 10

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Gmail sync on BlackBerry

I have addressed what Google dropping Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync means for Symbian/Belle, and Windows Phone users. For BlackBerry users, it is a mixed bag.

BlackBerry OS 7 and Older

The bad news first. BlackBerry OS 7 and older devices are hit by the Google decision. If you use one of these devices and have full PIM synchronisation setup already, you have no problems. Your setup will keep working as long as you do not tamper with it. However, anyone who buys an OS 7 and older smartphone after january 30th 2013 will not be able to setup, just as with Symbian/Belle and Windows Phone users.

PlayBook OS 2 and BlackBerry OS 10

The good news is that PlayBook OS 2.0 and BlackBerry 10 support CalDAV and CardDAV for email, contacts and calendar synchronisation, which means that users will continue to have access to Google mail, contacts and calendars on their devices.

If you own a PlayBook, ensure that it is updated to OS 2 and above. And should you be planning on getting a BlackBerry 10 smartphone next year, you are covered.

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