Google’s experimental Reply app now discontinued

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Google kicked off it experimental AI-powered Reply app in early 2018, and now, the company says that the the experiment has now ended.

Google launched an experimental app feature in February. It suggests multiple responses to messaging apps. For Instance, you get a message that reads “How are you?” and you get multiple suggestions like “I’m fine, thanks”; “I’m very fine, thank you”; “I’m okay, you”; that you get to choose from. You can call it your own personal message template system.

Also, beyond just suggesting responses, if you are daring enough, you can enable a feature that replies messages on your behalf when you are busy. Do you have the guts to try that?

Google Reply app in use

An example of where Reply is used is the Gmail app. You may have discovered quoted boxed responses when you press the reply icon. That’s “Reply” doing its work. Reply was also able to reply particular messages on your behalf by accessing your location and calendar. Of course, you would have to give permission for this.

It could also be set to make a very loud sound whenever a message with the word “Urgent” in a sentence is sent. The suggested responses are always short and only shows when a question is being asked. Clicking it automatically takes it to the reply section where you can either add more lines or send immediately.

google reply app

The end

Unfortunately, we can no longer use this app fully because the company sector in charge – Area 120 ended this 10-month experiment. Just in case you want to have a feel of how the Reply app worked, you can still download a leaked APK.

I am taking a wild guess to say that this app staying on was dependent on the number of times it was used but it didn’t give the expected returns. It is also a given that Google will still implement some features of the app in other ways.

The Reply app would have been the next big thing in Android and iOS applications with the kind of functionality it provides. All the same, it really was fun and helpful while it lasted.

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