When Google finally decides to start making smartphones..

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We all know that Google’s only effort at making hardware devices was with the Nexus line of smartphones. They only took care of design while other manufacturers (such as HTC, LG, and Huawei) handled the rest. The Nexus devices received regular updates from Google while they focused more on their software. This has changed now.


Google recently started looking towards making their own hardware. The advantages of this move are many. It allows for proper refinement and integration with hardware. It also allow for faster more direct software updates (bypassing manufacturers), a good example is the Apple iPhone. This is why and how Google made the Pixel C laptop hybrid tablet.

Reports from The Telegraph say that Google is already in talks with mobile network operators as they plan to launch their own phone. This will afford Google “more control” especially over design, manufacturing and software. The phone will be launched before the end of the year. It would be interesting to see how the market reacts to this.


  1. Is this partly why Huawei, like Samsung, is investing in developing its own mobile OS? I mean, if the mobile OS developer is invading hardware to gain more “control”, why shouldn’t the hardware maker invade software territory to also secure itself a guarantee of not being left helpless in the future?

  2. Err, talking to the networks?? How about those of us who like our phones unlocked will have to go to the Play Store and buy direct.

  3. Superb move…
    I wouldn’t mind owning one…


    Timely software updates
    Stock Android feeling
    Finally, I’m a google fanboy

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