Google is flirting with Ford, and here’s what they’re up to

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When you hear rumors of two big brands working together on a project, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that something big is on the way. New reports from Yahoo suggests that Google and Ford are allegedly smooching privately. They plan to officially announce their relationship in January during (Consumer Electronics Show) CES 2016.

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Question is : What are they up to?

Early rumors suggest that both companies are in agreement to work on self-driving cars. This will save them billions in operating costs. Also the agreement is said to be “understood to be non-exclusive,” this allows Google to partner with other car brands.

Google, on the other hand have ties with Ford. The lead of the self-driving car project is a former Ford employee, likewise some other staffs in the division. In the near future Google hopes to expand it’s self-driving cars and compete with the likes of Uber in taxi service.


  1. The other automobile manufacturing companies had better drastically ramp up their Autonomous driving efforts,..or else.

  2. The future of the automobile industry is in self driving cars,other Automakers should do well to join the fray..

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