Google has an event for 29th of September; Guess what it’s for

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Google has just sent out press invites, calling people for an event to take place 29th of this month in San Francisco, USA. From the invite, Google promises “some tasty new treats and much more”.

Considering the timing of this event, I predict the offical announcement of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There have also been rumors that Google is preparing to launch two new Nexus devices. One from LG and another from Huawei, so we can expect that too.

Chromecast might also receive an update to compete with the offerings from Amazon and Apple. Let’s watch and see how it unfolds.


  1. I hope they also tell us how many people are using Lollipop as a result of Android One, and those using Lollipop without it. Those would be interesting stats to note.

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