If shelling out $399 for Google Home Max (yes; that is a thing) or even $129 for Google Home is a bit too much fr


Google Home too expensive for you? Try Google Home Mini

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If shelling out $399 for Google Home Max (yes; that is a thing) or even $129 for Google Home is a bit too much fr your budget to have Google Assistant integrated into your residence, there is a third, less pocket-stressing option called Google Home Mini.


As the name suggests, it is smaller and more compact than the other two more expensive options, but does very much the same thing. It is Bluetooth, can stream, can be used for light and thermostat control, to look up info on Google, play music and videos, and more, all with the use of your voice. Or voices.

You see, up to six people can link their accounts to Google Home Mini for personalized responses. So, you can easily set it up to respond to you, your spouse, your children, and your cat.


Like its bigger siblings, Google Home Mini has the Google Assistant built in. Unlike them, it can be conveniently hung on a wall and out of the way.

Getting Connected Going Smart

Yes; you will need a WiFi hotspot to use it, along with several other smart gadgets. If you want to use it to control the lighting in your home, for example, you will need to have smart light bulbs in use. The thing with going Smart is that you have to keep digging deeper and deeper. You get smart light bulbs, smart TV, Chromecast, smart heater, smart fridge, smart everything.


And to think that it all started with smart phones. Do make sure that your WiFi runs on an unlimited plan.

What Does Google Home Mini Cost?

Just $49.00. That is about N17,600, if you go by the current exchange rates. It isn’t bad at all. I was tempted to get one a few days ago. Then I asked myself what the heck I needed it for and walked away. My home isn’t ready yet to go smart.

If you can figure out a need for it and are ready to take the deep plunge into the world of smart homes, the price is sweet and you should jump at it and get yourself one. Or take up Google’s offer: buy a Google Pixel 2 XL and get a Google Home Mini for free.

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  2. Please I need smart money!

    We’re just increasing monitoring and surveillance with all these gadgets. Big Brother is listening…

  3. Big brother no dey sleep? for me, the issue is, How we can leverage on this technology and make money from it, not just keep using them.

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