Google has launched an app to enable hands free navigation

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Next time you open your Android device, Go to Settings > Accessibility. In there, you would see options such as Magnification, Captions, Large text, Text-to-speech etc. and more. These settings were made for people with different forms of disability, to have access to technology. Google has improved the features with a new app called Google Voice Access.


Google Voice Access is an app that allows people (who have difficulty manipulating a touch screen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary injury or other reasons) to control their Android devices by voice. Using the app is easy, simply set the hearing of “Ok Google” to everywhere. This will place numbers next to each button on your phone screen (See screenshots above).

Calling on any of the numbers opens the respective app. With this, one can virtually do anything possible on their phone hands free. The app is currently in beta, we tried to download it HERE, but this was the message we got:

Thanks for your interest in becoming a tester for the Voice Access app. At this time, the testing programme has enough testers and isn’t accepting more users.
App developers can choose how many testers can participate in their testing programme. Once the programme is full, the testing version isn’t available to more users.

Hopefully, the app would be out of beta for everyone to use.


  1. At last! I’ve always been a big advocate of access to technology for the visually impaired. FINALLY the technology is catching up!

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