Google launches the anti-extremist video initiative

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Google has made a lot of efforts in combating extremism and terrorism online. The latest action by the company is the anti-extremist video initiative, which is geared towards combating content associated with terrorism and other related themes, which seek to radicalize viewers or propound extremist views. This is the most severe set of techniques employed by Google to monitor content on YouTube. It features general warnings to what the company sees to be questionable videos. Also, the company disables advertising on the pages of these video creators, thus preventing them from making any revenue from such clips.

Now, Google has not pulled many of the offensive clips off the site. However, affected content makers have been warned about their portfolio being sanctioned under the anti-extremist video initiative. There is also the implication that more severe actions may be taken in the future. Now, as a result of the anti-extremist video initiative, extremist videos will be harder to find on YouTube, and such videos will have lower engagement rates. In the meantime, Google thinks that the new measure is a balance between allowing access to information/freedom of speech and preventing people from spreading offensive beliefs online. Google anti-extremist video

YouTube does not stop at removing advertising from videos seen as extremist. YouTube also disables the ability to host comments on these videos, and the option will not even be suggested. These clips will also not be embeddable on other websites. Content creators affected by the anti-extremist video initiative can still appeal to the firm. However, as of now the details about the procedure for doing so are not quite clear.

YouTube is just one of several tech companies that have been called out in recent times to stop the dissemination of extremist content posted by its users. Facebook and Twitter are expected to introduce similar measures on their respective platforms in the near future.



  1. Interesting and welcome development from Google. I expect all other social platforms to also do the same as Google are doing, it will help to create a better world. Offensive words or negative activity should not be allowed to exist on Internet. Thanks for this information, EmmyCN.

  2. I still found this article interesting, and I believe Google still have a lot more to offer us.

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