Google launches Google+ API

authorizeToday, Chris Chabot of Google Inc announced the launch of the latest Social Networking platform’s API (Google+). According to him, “this initial API release is focused on public data only— it lets you read information that people have shared publicly on Google+.”

He further stated that they followed the best practices in initiating the platform’s API. He highlighted the following points:

  • Our API methods are RESTful HTTP requests which return JSON responses.
  • Our payload formats use standard syntax (e.g. PoCo for people info, for activities).
  • We use OAuth 2 for secure trusted access to user data.
Libraries for other programming languages (Java, GWT, Python, Ruby, PHP, Obj-C, and .NET )have also been made available to enable specialists in these areas develop their “plus” apps. According to him, these libraries are all opensource.
As Google continues to roll out more features for Google plus, let’s wait to see who wins between Google + and facebook when Google+ becomes open to everyone. For now, Google plus is only accessible by invites. This means that someone must invite you to the platform. According to Google, this is because Google plus is still on field trial. However, it is remarkable to note that there are currently over 10Million accounts on Google plus according to Larry Page as at July 14.

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