Google launches Motion Stills app on Android

Posted by EmmyCN

Google has launched its Motion Stills app on Android, a full year after launching it on iOS. The Android app is completely different from the iOS version. Motion Stills on iOS is meant to be a really easy way to turn the iPhone’s Live Photos into shareable GIFs, and it does that well. However, Android does not have Live Photos. Therefore, the new Motion Stills just serves as a camera app that exports GIFs, which is quite disappointing.

The app can take two different types of shots. The first, which Google describes as a “motion still”, is basically a three-second video loop. Apparently, this is supposed to be an alternative to Live actually records the same length of videos as iOS Live Photos. However, that is all it does – the feature is called “motion still”, yet it records only motion.

The second type of shot is called a “fast forward”. This is basically Google’s alternative to Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, which has never made it to Android. Google’s fast forward lets you record a video, then it automatically stabilizes the video and speeds it up. You can speed up videos from twice to eight times the original video speed. Also, y can keep changing the fast forward speed even after the video is shot and saved, which is cool. Instagram’s app only gives you one chance to choose a video’s speed.

This is not the only way to take hyperlapse videos on Android. Microsoft has an app called Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile. However, Google’s app seems to work well enough. There are some people that think Google should have just made Motion Stills into an alternative camera app that took Live Photos, then let people who wanted it to make Motion Stills their default camera app. furthermore, Google has some more interesting creative options in Motion Stills on iOS, which never made it to the Android version. However, first time users of the app might find it interesting.


  1. This is great development from Google, before, it was only on ios, we Android users can now enjoy the similar future on our devices.

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