Google Maps adds accessibility details for wheelchair users

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For most people, getting to a place is as easy as walking right through the door or climbing stairs. However, there are millions of people worldwide who cannot walk for different reasons. Some of these people use wheelchairs. Now, Google has introduced a new way to add accessibility details about places to Google Maps and Search. If you use a wheelchair to move around, or know anyone that makes use of one, then Google Maps has a new feature that will be of use to you. Google has just made it much easier for you to know what kind of accessible doorways, elevators, parking and seating you will get when you arrive at your destination.

Now, when you want to share accessibility details about a place, or add details about many places, Just open Google Maps on Android, open the main menu, then tap on Your Contributions. Next, tap on Uncover Missing Information, then sort by Accessibility to find places around you that are missing this kind of information. Then, you can start filling it in. you can also sort by different categories in case you have other information to add as well.Google Maps accessibility details

When you discover that a place you plan to visit has any of these accessibility features, just find the place on Google Maps or Search, open the business listing, tap on the two-line description, then scroll down to the accessibility section. From here, you can add your accessibility and other local knowledge. Just tap on “Know what features this place has?” you can choose from various accessibility attributes, including wheelchair-accessible entrances, wheelchair-accessible elevators, wheelchair-accessible seating, and wheelchair-accessible parking.

So far, Google has been able to share accessibility details to nearly 7 million places around the world. You too can help the company enable everyone to easily discover and explore places that best suit their individual needs.

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