Google Maps gets offline access, catching up with Nokia Maps?

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Google Maps offline
One of the advantages that Nokia Maps has held over Google Maps is the fact that Nokia Maps is available for use with or without an internet connection. Well, the game is about to change, as the next version of Google Maps is billed to debut offline usage.

This is a game-changer for Android. Or should we say that Android will become a bit more resource efficient in the direction of Belle? Whatever you choose to call it, this just made Android more attractive to me. There are other new goodies in the Google Maps bag, including a fly-by 3D view.

Naira for Naira, however, I’d still pick Nokia Maps till further notice, the lack of turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps being the deal breaker for me.

  1. Me o – okada riders are my own ûber_reliable Google / Nokia Maps. They are like those London Taxi Cab Drivers. They have encyclopedic knowledge of the LandMarks…;-)

    Great move by Google – though..

  2. When I first read it at GSMARENA yesterday I was really excited, this is a great move by Google making Android more attractive. But looking forward to turn-by-turn navigation to be added in near future.

  3. Good move! I wouldn’t mind downloading 200MB of Google Map data if that would mean major cities in Nigeria are covered with occasional minor updates. This is going to be interesting. Could this be as a result of the rumoured Apple Map that is in the works? competition is just king.

  4. Now I am curious as to what the Apple Map will bring to the table. Wonder what took Google so long to go offline?

  5. Nice one. Navigation is available just not supported here in our part of the world.

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