Google Maps Group Planning is great for group hangouts

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Google Maps Group Planning has just given a whole new meaning to group hangouts.

Earlier this year, Google announced some new features for one of their apps, Google Maps. One of the features – Group Planning – will be available to Android and iOS users this week via a software update. The group planning feature allows users to create a list of places for a group of people to select from.

Planning a large gathering with friends or co-workers will become easier with this new feature, as Google Maps allows all or part of the participants join in the location planning.

How Google Maps Group Planning Works

All you have to do is update your app, search for a particular location, long press on it, and it is automatically added to a list. A single tap on a location search sends it to the created list where it can be shared as an image to anyone on any social messaging platform.

Friends that you share locations with can also add more places to the ones you selected. A thumbs up and a thumbs down icon for voting shows when the recipients view it.

Google Maps just gave a whole new meaning to event planning.

Google Maps Group Planning

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