Do a Google Maps review to earn 1TB free Drive Storage and more

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Do you have information that will be helpful to users of Google Maps? Google has just updated the benefits for members of the Local Guide community. This is a group of people who love to contribute to Google Maps. The contributions come in the form of updating and adding new places, writing reviews, uploading photos, answering questions, and updating data about businesses.


As you add information to Google Maps, you are rewarded with points. Reaching a milestone qualifies one for some benefits. The gifts range from early access to Googles products and features, to 2 years of 1 TB Google Drive storage (This is worth $240!!), and many more.

You can check out the full list of benefits HERE. Interested people can sign up for Local Guide program HERE.



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  1. For years I have been trying to get involved with this because mapping in my neighbourhood on Google Maps is so poor and has been for years. I used to flit between Google and HERE maps to see which was best and I couldn’t settle on one because one road would have two different names on the respective maps. For example, the road I live on has an official name which was reflected in one map, but in the other it was a totally different name.

    Recently I checked out Google Maps again to see if they had improved and they have – marginally. I know where my house is, so I was looking at the aerial photo and trying to match up the landscape to the street names – it is still off and my road (which is now signposted in the real world), is wrongly named on Google Maps.

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