• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Google May Have A Surprise for The Samsung S20 Series

With Samsung’s Unpacked Event just days away, the launch of the Samsung S20 series feels a bit like an anti-climax, as literally everything about these devices have somehow gotten leaked. However, certain reports say that there may be a surprise in the offing, going by recent posts from the twitter accounts of Samsung and Google Android.

A tweet from Android’s official account points to something new and exciting at the Unpacked event, with the Samsung official account replying the message.


The link within the tweet takes you to a live stream site for the Unpacked event, while we are still a bit uncertain over what this exchange could mean, we know that the surprise in whatever form it takes will end up being a positive one that will thrill Samsung lovers.

Google To Partner With Samsung S20

Leaked Photos of the Samsung Galaxy S20 from XDA Developers

     There are also suggestions that Google has been working with Samsung to optimize the Android operating system for the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Z Flip. It is also possible that the announcement could be a reference to both forces coming together to work on integrating Google Duo into Samsung messages, even if for the time being, such plans are only limited to South Korea.


This bit of news adds much needed intrigue to the launch of the Samsung S20 series, as most of the mystery behind the reveal has been taken away due to a series of leaks in recent weeks. With the Unpacked event taking place next week, we would keep our fingers crossed to see what Google and Samsung have up their sleeves.


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