Is Google planning to make processors too?

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These days we’re seeing many phone manufacturers venturing to making their own chips. Apple does it, Samsung too, even newbie Xiaomi wants to start making her own chips. The reasons behind this are not far fetched. It gives the company greater control over the capacities and performance of its products. The overheating of borrowed chips from Qualcomm tells us something.Google New

Google recently posted a new job listing seeking for a “multimedia chip architect” who can “lead a chip development effort” and “work with other engineers to take chip to product shipment.” This clearly suggests that the company is looking for someone to design and foster chip development in-house.Google-Pixel-C (2)

Not long ago, Google launched a hybrid tablet called the Pixel C. Word has it that, the tablet was built end-to-end by Google, except for the chip which was borrowed. Sources from Business Insider also claim that this job posting emanated from the Pixel team. So it seems Google wants to have better control over their hardware, let’s not forget that the company depends on other manufacturers for making her Nexus devices.



  1. With Qualcomm messing up on the SD 810,I wouldn’t blame others for seeking to make their own Chipsets,just look at what Samsung did with the monster Exynos 7420 Chips..

  2. It will lead to unnecessary competition. More worker layoff and things like this only make MEDIATEK happy

  3. The more the merrier,at the end of the day it’s the consumers that’ll reap the benefits of the competition..

  4. It will lead to better hardware integration. Google is probably looking at having a better software-hardware match for their future devices, hence this!

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