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Google Pixel Fold might be set to steal the show

We have talked about the Google Pixel 6 lineup but not a Google Pixel Fold. But Google just might be making plans for its Pixel smartphones to aim for the foldable market that is currently dominated by the likes of Huawei and Samsung.


Reports on ground suggest that the Pixel Fold might be unveiled alongside the Pixel 6 lineup on the 19th of October. These reports are just leaks though, as Google has not said anything regarding a Pixel Fold being launched or unveiled on that date.

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Source: TechAdvisor.

A strong argument to back up these reports is the patent of a foldable device awarded to Google and also a leaked device release schedule that came out far back in August 2020. The leak clearly pointed out the three devices from Google to launch in 2021 being the Pixel 5a, the Pixel 6 duo, and the Pixel Fold.

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We can not be so sure about the possibility of a Pixel Fold but what we do know for a certainty is that the Pixel 6 lineup will not be the only devices to launch on the 19th of October. We will see the likes of other devices such as the new Nest speaker and a smartwatch.

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