Google Keyboard is now available in our region!!

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If you’re in Nigeria, and you’ve tried to install the default Google Keyboard from Google Play Store, you’ll get the notice saying it’s not available for your region. You would then have to resort to VPN apps and spoofing IP addresses before you can install it. Its all over now though, Google has granted us access to the app . So head to Play Store search for and download the latest version of Google Keyboard, and enjoy all of its swiping goodness.

Hurray!! Our region is now accepted. Download Google Keyboard from Google Play.

Thanks to Harry for the tip.

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  1. [Opera Mini]

    Good News For The Google Keyboard Fans.

    There Is Something Better..

    For Those Drooling Over Google Keyboard, I Urge Them To Try Out The Supercharged Version.. Named Kk Emoji Keyboard.

    It Is In The Google Play, Free, Ultra Configurable..

    If Does Everything Google Keyboard Does, And Much Much More… The Latest Update Gives It Multiple Clipboard Handling (Has Me Drooling) And Better Emoji Too.

    Try This Out, And Your Ringtones Will Become More Mellifluous!!

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