Google Play Store gets a huge facial makeover

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Google Play Store has just received an update. The new update comes with a new user interface probably aligning with the just launched Android Marshmallow. Some of the buttons are now curved instead of rectangular.

Google-Play-Store-New (1)

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the many categories have been cut down to just two :Apps & Games, and Entertainment. The former houses Games and various other app sub categories, while the later carries Books, Movies & TV, and Music sections.

Google-Play-Store-New (2)

The refreshed Google Play is hitting Android devices, so be patient. Yours will come soon enough.


  1. exactly, the constant redesigning and redrawing of design guidelines is interesting and confusing.

  2. Heard it is supposed to be a more streamlined affair making it easier to search for and locate contents,not necessarily a Marshmallow make over..

  3. I noticed a slight change in my Google Play UI. It’s not really as wholly as your snapshot, o, only that the ratings are now just numbers and a very bold star.

  4. Hope they have rectified the app not downloading at 10% of phone allotted memory to apps e.g 200mb of 2gb??

  5. I doubt that, that’s the minimum requirement for full GMS, a little lower and individual services (eg sync and backup) stop working

  6. Uncle 3wt what’s GMs? N it’s at about 50mb left that it shows the phone storage alert n shuts down email them.. 200 MB plenty o

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