Google Play Store tops in downloads, iOS Apps Store tops in revenue, says App Annie reports

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App analytics and research firm, App Annie have just published a report on how the app ecosystem fared in 2015. To be honest, the information therein is quite interesting and eye opening. The major highlights of this report is that Google Play Store grew in download volumes; 100% increase compared to iOS App Store. Below is a chart showing estimated figures.


The more interesting bit here: iOS App Store grew further in revenue generation. Over 70% more compared to Google Play Store. The iOS-Android gap is clearly growing wider and wider, in different directions. See chart below:


It’s clear that iOS has lesser market share, but it’s users tend to spend more. App developers have clearly tapped into this trend. Here are some other things we learnt from the report:

  • In-app purchases grew in 2015 as subscription revenue made incredible gains, thanks to strong demand for video, music and dating apps.
  • iOS App Store revenue got incredible gains from China, the United States and Japan, especially China.
  • Google Play Store saw growth from emerging markets particularly in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and Vietnam. This includes app downloads and revenue.
  • Games brought the highest revenue ; 90% in Google Play Store and 75% in iOS App Store.

You can check out the full report HERE.

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  1. I don’t know. It still baffles me on how Apple manage to pull out this revenue. Especially with its legendary poor gadgets battery.

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