Google is redesigning its privacy and security user dashboard

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In an attempt to make Google’s privacy and security user dashboard more touchscreen-friendly, the company will soon be rolling out design changes on the dashboard. This will also make users be more aware of which Google products are storing their data. in other words, there’s a new way to get more data from Google.

In a blog post published recently, Google stated that its main user dashboard has been redesigned from the ground up. This dashboard includes tools like MyAccount and MyActivity, which are portals through which you can see all your Google activity, delete search activity and manage your activity across various Google products. This user dashboard has been in existence since 2009.Google user dashboard

Now, Google appears to have made the new user dashboard more graphical. The first option you would see is the “See and manage the data in your Google account” option, followed by the “Popular Google services” option. This current version of the dashboard is mainly text-driven, with lots of sub-menus, and it requires navigating first from My Account to Personal Info & Privacy, or to My Activity in order to run a data check. Google says that the changes will take effect in the coming days.

Also, the company has also shared some information on how many people make use of the specific tools available in the user dashboard. According to Google, hundreds of millions of people visit the My Account dashboard each year. Tens of millions of people have used Google’s Privacy Checkup, which was launched in 2015.

Furthermore, as a way to remind people that they can take their data off the site whenever they want, Google says that more than a million people use the Takeout feature every month. This feature lets you take all of your personal data stored in Google services and store it elsewhere. According to the company, since Takeout launched in 2011, users have downloaded more than one billion gigabytes of data.



  1. Another great development from Google, I’m surely looking forward to see this new upgrade.

  2. I love the way Google takes security amongst other things seriously. Little wonder why I have downplayed my use of Yahoo.

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