Google, Samsung, others, and the fear of Microsoft-Nokia

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Players in the field seem to be very afraid of things to come from the Microsoft-Nokia deal. Google, Samsung and a handful of Chinese mobile phone makers (including ZTE and Huawei) are concerned that the Nokia takeover will result in higher patent licensing fees and have filed a complaint to the Chinese government about this.

The Koreans are not left out either. Four Korean trade associations – The Korea Electronics Association (KEA), Korea Semiconductor Industry Association, Korea Software Industry Association and the Korea Battery Industry Association – have all filed a petition basically same as what Google, Samsung and others have done in China.

It seems that everyone in the industry is afraid of the power – real or imagined – that Microsoft would wield once Nokia’s mobile division is in its hands. Part of the Microsoft-Nokia deal is that the Redmond giant will license Nokia’s patent portfolio for 10 years.


  1. it appears Microsoft’s is seen as a serious bully.

    when Nokia was on its own, these alarmists were.paying licensing fees. all Android OEMs have also also paying fees to Microsoft.

    now that Nokia is an added arsenal in Microsoft’s armoury, what has changed, really? they just continue to pay the fees they were paying earlier.

    the difference, of course, is that Microsoft has been smart enough to purchase a fixed asset (Nokia) that gives them passive income for eternity.

    not so?

  2. they’re all being silly, besides i don’t see how the Chinese and/or Korean government can help them

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