1. Hello Yomi,
    I’m looking at the Lumia 930, I see from your reviews you have absolute love for the phone.
    Might start a savings plan towards getting it.
    Please any ideas on where I could replace my Lumia 925 batteries?
    My phone’s battery life is quite pathetic and I need to do something about it fast.
    Really hoping to hear from you on this.

  2. Hi Ali,

    A Nokia/Microsoft Care outlet will be a good place to get a replacement battery. You can also try a major store like Slot. If those options fail, you should be able to get from an online store and have it shipped in.

    PS: The Lumia 930 is a fabulous phone.

  3. it’s user agent spoofing. the user agent for the AOSP browser used to show up as Mozilla Firefox a while back

  4. Definitely user agent tinz. I use a Browsie browser on my Z10 and its configured to be identified as Chrome…

  5. Honestly it’s not funny. Powers that be should do something about these mixups. They daily make us afraid to rely on Web or modern tech.

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