Google has begun testing a light version of its Search app for places with poor Internet. This app is known as Search Lite.

Google Search Lite to launch in places with poor network

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Google Search is pretty much the biggest search engine on earth now. However, there are some places where it simply does not reach, which include hard-to-reach places and places with poor internet connections. As a result of this, Google has begun testing a light version of its Search app for such places. This app is known as Search Lite, and right now it is only available for download in the Play Store in Indonesia.


Search Lite does mostly the same thing as its bigger Search app. Basically, users can search for things by either typing or speaking. Also, Search Lite has a translate function, a Google News section and local information. The main difference between Search and Search Lite is that while Search has various animations while you scroll, Search Lite replaces these animations with a grid of icons.Google search lite

Another difference is in how and when Search Lite uses data. Most likely, the app will not use much data, thus it allows users with little bandwidth to be able to do similar things that someone in a country with high-speed internet would do.


One would remember that this is similar to the way Google created and tested YouTube Go. This is a light version of the YouTube app, which the company tested in India last year.


Furthermore, Google has been working on a low-data version of its main platform Android. This version of Android, known as Android Go, was announced at the I/O developers conference. All these are part of the company’s effort to reach the next billion users. This has been a major goal of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and now it looks like Google has come one step closer to achieving it. Hopefully, this app will prove to be a success, and hopefully it gets released soon. We all know of places where this app, along with other ventures that the company have been experimenting on.



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  1. This another great development from Google and I’m so pleased with it. Finally, we can now use Google search with little amount of data on our phones, this lite version is totally welcome. Thanks, EmmyCN, for this information.

  2. Google search lite will be useful and helpful to people in nigeria where most of our internet connection is poor especially in the rural areas

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