Google set to release a new Android One phone this July

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Sometime ago, Google launched the Android One program. An initiative to liaise with manufacturers to produce and sell low cost Android devices that will receive software updates directly like we have on Nexus devices. The first trial wasn’t a successful one.

Android One

The market in India was already flooded with low cost smartphones and the Android One devices where sold only through online retailers.

Google has done a rethink and now collaborated with Indian phone brand Lava to make a better Android One device. This one will be priced higher at around $190, will feature a MediaTek chipset, 5 inch screen and 2 GB RAM. Lava and Google are placing the device as an affordable Nexus smartphone with frequent software and security updates.

It will be launched on the 14th of July starting in India and spreading to 7 other markets.



  1. Android One is one device I ll love to see in Nigeria… Google keeps forgetting these parts… Even Motorola

  2. @yuwa, not only Google and Motorola – Apple, HTC, Sony and others have “forgotten these parts” because it isn’t their target market. It’s only with the downturn of fortunes of the likes of Nokia and Blackberry that many began to see value in the other parts, away from Western and Asian markets.

    The Indian market was a test case (there goes the North American mentality again). So now, it could mean once again that Lava will try to push into the Nigerian market, this time in collaboration with Google.

    Let’s wait and see if this version of the Android One project more successful than its predecessor.

  3. Us geeks want to see Android One here, but I doubt it would succeed. The average Nigerian is looking for those cheap mtk devices, more specifically InnJoo, Infinix, TECNO and some others. How many guys out there even know of the existence of something called “Android One”?

    And, trust me, they won’t be cheaper than the InnJoos.

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