Google shares four best ways to keep your Android safe

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The plague of trojans, viruses and malware has followed Android for quite sometime. We’ve heard several names, Stagefight being the most common. Have we thought to ask, How did this become so prevalent? Maybe it boils down to users. Carelessness, ignorance or mere negligence? Google has tried to address this by sharing a post to advise users on best ways to keep their devices secure.


1. Use Google Play to find safe apps
We’ve said this countless times on MobilityArena. Your safest source of apps is through Google Play Store. If you’re getting it elsewhere, then you are ON YOUR OWN.

2. Set a screen lock and activate Android Device Manager
Goto Setting>>Security and set up screen lock. Maybe with patterns or with a password. Android Device Manager once activated can help you locate your device if it’s stolen, along side other functions. Read more about it HERE.

3. Check that your device is encrypted
Encryption protects your data by storing it in an unreadable form. I wouldn’t advise you to do this. You should read about encryption before applying it on your phone.

4. Manage app permissions
This is the ability to manage the parts of your phone an app has access to. Users of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, already have this feature by default. Go to Settings>>Apps>>Select an app from the list>> App info>>Permissions>>Then toggle on and off individual permissions. For older Android versions, simply download Permission apps from the Store.

You can read the full post from Google HERE.

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  1. i’m curious as to why you would not recommend encryption.

    I learnt about encryption the hard way when i lost (pocket picked really) my phone with very sensitive data and priceless personal data like pictures.

    if i had been encrypted i would be sure all the thief would get is the physical device and not access to the data on it. now i keep wondering what if. Mind is never settled each time i remember it.

    My default advice to everyone is please encrypt your devices. Willing to hear contrary opinions though

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