Google Station free wifi in Lagos: All you wanted to know

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Everything you wanted to know and all your questions answered about Google Station free WiFi in Lagos, including locations where you can find it.

Google deploys a free WiFi service in select countries with rapidly expanding populations. The service is deployed in partnership with internet service providers. You can now enjoy Google Station free WiFi in Lagos, thanks to a partnership between Google and fibre cable network provider, 21st Century Ltd.

Access to affordable and reliable internet service is a massive problem in the West African country. The result is low internet penetration (less than 30%) and a huge loss in productivity.

How Google Station Free Wifi Generates Income

The free hotspots generate revenue from ads placed in the user login portal. This is similar to how Cheetah free WiFi works. All revenue generated is shared with Google’s partners.

Locations Of Google Station free WiFi in Lagos

Google Station free WiFi hotspots are available at the following locations in Lagos:

  1. Murtala Muhammed 2 Domestic Terminal, Ikeja
  2. Ikeja City Mall, Alausa, Ikeja
  3. University of Lagos, Akoka
  4. Computer Village, Ikeja
  5. The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki
  6. Landmark Centre, Oniru, Victoria Island

If there is one location in Lagos that is in dire need of reliable internet access, it is Computer Village. It has been an internet black hole. Once you step in there during work hours, connections from almost all ISPs basically grind to a halt. This is due to the huge density of human traffic there.

Will Google’s initiative be an exception? Being a free Wifi service, it will likely experience heavier load than paid services. Hopefully, 21st Century, which provides the backbone for Google Station free wifi in Lagos, and Google have deployed adequate capacity to that location to take care of that situation. If not… your guess is as good as ours.

Other Locations Outside Lagos

Google says that it has plans to deploy its free Wifi service in locations outside Lagos. Google Station will be up and running in five cities by the end of 2019. Google says its plans are to reach millions of Nigerians in 200 public spaces across those five cities in that period of time.

Besides the new Google Station free WiFi in Lagos, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Thailand, are other countries where the service is available.

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