Google Station Free Wifi: Mister Mo’s Review (Part 1)

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It has been almost a month since the announcement of Google Station free wifi service. I have been a bit of a recluse in recent times and so have not had the presence of mind to go give it a try. I finally got to doing it this weekend and headed out to Ikeja City Mall, one of the 5 locations in Lagos where the service has been launched.

From the car park, I initiated a Wifi search but the results did not include Google Station. No problem; that suggested to me that the range was limited. And so it turned out to be. I was some distance away from Shoprite when my phone found “Free Google Station-21st Century” among the available hotspots in the area. Cool.

Connecting To Google Station Free Wiifi

So, I tapped on it and I was redirected to a sign-in portal that requested my phone number. Google already has all my details anyway, including my number and location. I carry an Android smartphone around, you know. Just in case you are new to this, Google uses your Android smartphone to track your location at all times, whether you have your location turned on or not.

But I digress. To continue my adventure, I entered my mobile phone number and tapped, “Send Code”. And ten, I waited. And waited. And waited. Alas, the SMS code did not arrive.

The portal displayed a “Resend”button, which I used. I was at Ikeja City Mall for about an hour and the code did not arrive. It has not arrived till now.

The Curse Of The Ported Number

Porting my line a few years ago freed me from the madness of Globacoms’s erratic services, but it also came with its own curse. It is a curse of regularly running into trouble with SMS verification services everywhere I turn. And once again, the curse had kicked in.

Since I carry a dual-SIM smartphone, perhaps the thing to do is to use another line – a pure one – which I will use for all digital services that require a sign-in. That way, I do not keep hitting a wall with these SMS verification issues.

I shall get that extra line and return to give Google Station’s free wifi another go. Don’t go away.

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