Yes, it is now official; the much hyped Chrome OS will be released to manufacturers and into the wild around the 4th Quarter of this

Google to release the much anticipated Chrome OS by 4th Quarter 2010

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Yes, it is now official; the much hyped Chrome OS will be released to manufacturers and into the wild around the 4th Quarter of this year. Google Vice President, Sundar Pichai announced this at the COMPUTEX Cloud Computing forum. This Cloud computing forum featured executives from Google, ARM and Quanta Computers.


Chrome OS will initially be engineered to run on laptops and other mobile devices rather than full blown Desktops and Notebook Laptops. It is widely expected to compete with Microsoft’s Windows 7 as well as other operating systems.

Certification by the company is meant to ensure hardware makers create a quality device for users. Chrome OS will limit certain customization such as user interfaces at first to sustain a single user experience in all their OSes. This is similar to what Microsoft is doing with their Windows phone 7.

The Chrome web apps Store shall open at the same time, so that individuals can download web applications that can then be installed on the Chrome device. “For Chrome OS, we are focused on laptops for this year“, Google’s Vice President said at Computex.

Of course, the news is welcomed, seeing that one of the characteristics of the Chrome OS is speed. Compared to Windows 7 which takes minutes to boot, Chrome is expected to boot within seconds. The OS itself is sparse and would rely greatly on cloud computing and web apps, and so begs the question whether the Chrome OS itself will not compete with Google Android OS. As it is now, you can see Android running on Mobile devices, including phones, tablet form computers and even laptops. In other words Chrome and Android will fight for the same niche.

When asked these pertinent questions about the Chrome vs. Android debate, Mr. Pichai said that “providing open source platforms will allow the market to make the best determination about what operating system will work best in the mass market“. Android has taken off in earnest; it will thus be interesting to see how Chrome OS will develop.

For now, we’ll just wait and see if Chrome OS will give Microsoft or Apple a real challenge when it becomes available in the 4th quarter of this year.


  1. Dear Google,
    I have a gut feeling this Chrome OS thing may suffer the same fate as When Corporations shoot themselves in the foot, it’s really a hard thing to recover from. Android is too young to be sent to the orphanage.

    Swallow your pride and learn from what Nokia is doing with Qt.

  2. Chrome is supposedly a web-centric OS. Meaning that all or most of what you will be using it for are going to reside on the internet. CLOUD COMPUTING. In essence, no need for installation of programs. For example, if you want to create a document, all you need do is go to Google Docs site and do the creation.

    Also, all our files, apps, documents, folders etc will be in the ‘cloud’. They wouldnt be on the computer.

    The questions I want Google to answer are these:

    1. are people ready to entrust all their valuable files and programs to them for safe keeping?
    2. what is in it for people without internet connection?
  3. my take on this is: this is really good development for the tech world.

    when I hear ‘microsoft’, the words that bubble up in my mind are ‘legacy’ and ‘vintage’.

    unlike in the past when microsoft was successfully able to stifle more technologically capable competitors {get BOUGHT oe get KILLED}, GOOGLE is a different cup of Akamu!

    thank giggle refused to get bought, and can not be killed by microsoft.

    Google has enough finance, technological talents and strategic thinkers – to successfully carry this through, and crush Microsoft’s stranglehold on true tech innovation for eons. it is about time too!

    GOOPLE {the combination of Google & Apple} shall be the downfall of Microsoft.

    Time will tell. and that time is imminent…

  4. @Azeez Saheed, wonderful questions.

    the issue of the internet connexion: progressively more people in the underdeveloped world are getting ‘connected”. as internet infrastructure improve and get cheaper, more people will gradually be able to get on the information superhighway. get on the highway, or if you cannot, stay on the bushpath! the highway is not for bicycles!

    the issue of people trusting their data to cloud services – we already do that – to some extent! when you use google mail, your emails are stored on google servers. when you use facebook, a lot of your data is being entrusted to them.

    I agree that cloud computing will not appeal, or be an option- to all. but then people are often initially resistant to change. the resistance will gradually wane.

    I expect the ‘cloud’ proponents will provide a way to locally backup your data. that is trivial. the security/ privacy of your data will be addressed via adequate encryption.

    cloud computing will not be for all. but it will work for the majority of people. do I really care if Silvestre Aquino in Mexico reads that my Excel document of all my expenditure in the past five years ? Not really. and most documents are of such non critical nature.

    again, time will tell…..

  5. EyeBeeKay. Your comments is quite elucidating. GOOPLE is quite a nice word to denote what will overtake Microsoft in the Tech world for consumers’ souls.

    Just that Google and Apple themselves are also competing and are at loggerheads. Recently Apple was discussing with Microsoft to put Bing as their default search engine in their upcoming iphone 4g or HD instead of Google search that was there before. Also, THe FCC, the American anti-trust agency are now investigating APPle for anti-trust allegations. It appears that APple controls more than 26% of digital music sales on the internet and it is using its exclusive position to bully record companies and other smaller competitors!

  6. @afewgoodmen, having one technology monopolist replaced by another is similar to the political landscape in Nigeria.

    as you succeed in replacing a corrupt public office holder, the incoming one prices adept at the game..
    monopolist comes, monopolist goes, the tech world moves ahead….

  7. The release of Chrome is a welcomed development. I see a slow start. Why?

    (i) Users will apprehensive due to security and privacy concerns. (Google isn’t exactly been a good boy on this)

    (ii) There will be a dearth of applications in the first few months. This will diminish user experience

    (iii) I haven’t heard of a strong customer support yet. The wait and seers will surely not be spurred if the news about support is not so good

    (iv) New software and OS typically take some time to catch up. I don’t see this being any different.

    (v) Cloud computing is likely to put on an extra squeeze on already strained networks in Europe and America. I see demand for bandwidth growing with this thing. In Nigeria, we can only hope that infrastructure improves in time for Chrome OS’ arrival or else we may not be able to realize the full potential of this software

    On the plus side, I will welcome competition. The more the merrier.

  8. @EyeBeeKay. I couldn’t agree more. One monopolist may replace another.

    @archie. Yes, I see your drift. Cloud computing has never been what I would kill for. Just like watching youtube videos. I’ve never really caught up with it. I prefer downloading a video file to my computer and watching anytime I please. Nigeria’s internet landscape isn’t so matured enough to fully embrace cloud computing and streaming data like videos!. I hope when chrome finally comes, we’ll be ready. And yes, welcomed competition.

  9. with this present slow internet connection in nigeria… i doubt its success with us as you’ll need a much faster and stable internet connection for cloud computing… may be when the glo 1 cable becomes operational and ofcourse…affordable

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