Google Voice bug prevents incoming messages

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Google Voice has been under a bit of scrutiny recently. Some users have discovered problems in the service, one of which is the inability to receive text messages. This issue was confirmed by a number of people. However, none of these people elaborated on the matter. Right now, Google is in the process of investigating these reports of Google Voice not working. This issue is not particular to a device or carrier, though it does seem to be affecting a small number of people. However, right now it is yet to be seen whether these devices have something in common.

Several users reported this same problem, saying that it only affects incoming messages. These people can still send text messages, but cannot receive replies to their texts. One of the users that reported this issue pointed out that her businesses and the Google Voice numbers have suffered as a result of this issue. Employees have been unable to receive text messages with Google Voice for hours. Furthermore, the author of the thread posted on Google Forums also stated that some users rebooted their devices and tried checking for new messages through their computers using the same accounts. Neither of these methods solved the problem. Google Voice

A Google representative has asked users to be patient while the company launches an investigation into the matter. The company also promises that an update will be provided as soon as one is available. Having recently launched Android 8.0 Oreo, Google’s software teams hare currently on the lookout for bugs in several places. However, the time taken to resolve these individual cases greatly varies on a per-issue basis. It is unclear right now how quickly the company will fix the Google Voice problem, but hopefully that will be soon, as Google Voice is a vital part of so many businesses.



  1. I trust Google on this, I believe they will find solution to this issue. People just need to be patient, just like they said. We all should know that, things like this do happen sometimes.

  2. Better, i once had problem with Google voice sometime ago.. Upgrade and serve us better

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