Google will automatically delete unused backups after two months

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A lot of Android users store backups of their devices on Google Drive. However, not many people know about Google’s scheme to delete unused backups. Google will automatically schedule to delete unused backups of your Android device if the device is not active for more than two months.

Google allows for backups of your device. However, the company only allows for these backups as long as you use your device. If the device is not used for up to two weeks, Google Drive will then display a countdown of how much time you have until it automatically deletes the backups. If you use an Android device within this time, it is assumed that this countdown clock will go away. However, after two months of inactivity, the backup is automatically deleted.Google delete unused backups

Now, if your backup is deleted, there is no way to restore it. This means that all your settings and data will be lost forever. However, according to Android Police, as long as you have an Android device checking in to the Google servers every two months at least, your backups are safe.

Now, it is not new for storage companies to delete unused backups. However, this generally comes with a clear warning. A certain Reddit user whose backups got deleted by Google, however, claims that he did not receive any such warning before his backups were deleted. Furthermore, he was not given an option to use the Drive storage he pays for as an option for keeping his backup. As of now there has been no reply from Google about the issue.

In the meantime, it is appropriate to be reminded that these automatic deletions are not quite well advertised by Google. Therefore, consider this as a reminder to check in every once in a while on your backups, if you plan on keeping them.



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