Google’s Phone app now lets users control their current call

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It appears like Google is working on a new feature for its Phone app. This feature lets users control their current call session from the Home screen with a floating bubble. This feature was first seen in the Google Phone version 11. it looks like a phone icon within a circle, and it is located around the middle of the screen once the user presses the Home key. This feature provides users with more options to manage their calls. It allows the user to end the call, switch off the mic, turn on the loudspeaker, among other things. Furthermore, if you wish to return to the main screen of the call session, all you need to do is hold the same icon on the Home screen. You can move the feature icon to any part of your screen.

Right now, there has been no word as to whether this feature will be made available for iPhone. However, it does seem like a few users have access to the call management feature, according to some reports. In any case, Google has not confirmed if the feature will even be available to all users any time soon. Apparently, Google is only testing the feature with select users.Google Phone app

This is not the first time Google has added new features to its Phone app recently. A little while ago, some strings of code were discovered which seemed to show that voicemail backup support was coming to the service. This feature would allow users to back up a call with more relevant information through a text message, which would help recipients to gain more insights regarding their recent conversations. Also, there was a “Paw Mode”, found in the version 9.0 of the Phone app, which gave users an amusing Easter egg on every incoming call screen. It is likely that Google will keep supporting the mobile service in the near future, and an update on the app and its activities should be available soon.



  1. Information about this app sounds good to me, I hope it comes to live soon and it will be good if it will be available for every Android phone users out there to enjoy. Thanks to Google for making life more easier for us.

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