Perhaps the greatest fear of the average smartphone user is their device falling to the floor from their hands or from a desk. You know

Gorilla Glass 5: your smartphone screen will survive that fall

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Perhaps the greatest fear of the average smartphone user is their device falling to the floor from their hands or from a desk. You know too well how broken screens are the order of the day everywhere. Walk into a mobile care centre and shattered or cracked screens are brought in for repairs on a daily basis. All of the fancy screen protections that have been deployed till date have failed at protecting our mobile screens from this great resident evil. But it looks like help is on the way in the form of Gorilla Glass 5.

Broken screen - gorilla glass 5 to the rescue

How Tough Is Gorilla Glass 5?

Corning is saying to us that the latest version of their screen protection technology, Gorilla® Glass 5, will take care of this problem. According to them, “the new cover glass is designed to provide further protection against breakage from everyday drops. Rigorous lab tests show that Gorilla Glass 5 survives drops onto rough, unforgiving surfaces”.

Hear Corning:

In lab tests, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 survives up to 80 percent of the time when dropped face-down from 1.6 meters onto rough surfaces, far outperforming competitive glass designs.

Lab Tests Are Nothing. Here’s The Real Test

That sounds like great news. What I would love to do is hand a phone with Gorilla Glass 5 to Omonzua or Gladys to use for 3 months. They have a long history of breaking the screens of their smartphones. You should see Gladys’ Phantom 5 screen! Gosh. If a phone with Gorilla Glass 5 protection survives through 3 months with both of those ladies, Corning gets top marks from me.

Yes; I know that I am now officially in trouble with Omonzua and Gladys. If you hear that I have been kidnapped, you know who to investigate. Or if you do not hear from me again at all from now, they have struck. But it is what it is. I want to be around for a while. Any suggestions as to how I can appease both ladies? Help!

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  1. Comment Text*If there is one thing that I would love above indefatigable battery life on a smartphone, it is a phone you can handle with total insouciance regarding screen breakages.

    If Corning is not being cunning with this one, then this is something to roll out the drums about. Somewhat.

    By the way, with the way Omon wears trouser upandan, don’t bother giving her a phone with Corning 5 as proof_of_concept. She will just sit on it, forgetting that the phone is in her back pockets. What we would need next, additionally, are crush_ proof phones, military grade. The type you can sot on, and not suffer a cardiac arrest when a squishy sound assails your eardrums.

  2. Nothing like seeing my phone encased in a tough case. Every now and then I take it out, give it a good polish, then put it back in its case again. All these pretty, shiny, slippery phones will have problems. A colleague’s wife dropped her beloved, case-less Xperia Compact phone and hasn’t quite recovered from the experience.

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    Engaging and clever read.
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