Gorilla Glass is coming to your car soon

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Picture this: You park your car in a neighborhood and step out. Moments later, some kids playing with stones fire one shot. Gbim: it wheezes through the air, hits your car’s windscreen, and bounces away. A small crack surfaces. You experience shock. Maybe even rage. But what if it was possible to use Gorilla Glass in cars?

After recently launching Gorilla Glass for wearables, and a tougher Gorilla Glass 5, Corning has announced Gorilla Glass for cars.

Here are the features they claim that Gorilla Glass for cars offers:

  • The new glass is one-third lighter in weight compared to the glass used for conventional car windows. The lesser weight contributes to better fuel efficiency, improved car acceleration, handling and braking performance.
  • The new glass is two times tougher than conventional glass; this translates into up to 50% fewer windshield cracks and replacements.
  • Gorilla Glass for Automotive offers three times improved optical clarity and touch sensitivity. It is used on the dashboard too.

At CES 2017, Corning unveiled the first “glass-enabled concept car”, the Ford GT sports car. The Ford GT is also a car that has more lines of code than an advanced jet fighter. The car has this new lightweight toughened glass on the windshield, sunroof and lights, as well as on the full-length dashboard. The Ford GT sports car is the very first production car to have Corning’s Gorilla Glass. We can expect to see more cars having it in the future.

Is It Worth The Extra Cash?

There are quite a number of people who have had bad experiences with their smartphone displays despite the presence of Gorilla Glass. Perhaps such people are questioning the real value of Gorilla Glass on cars. Do you think this development will make any significant difference on cars? Of course, putting Gorilla Glass in a car will increase the car’s selling price. Do you think it is worth the extra bucks you have to pay?

PS: Have you noticed how technologies first deployed on mobile are being extended to automobiles, homes and other fields? This once again highlights how truly revolutionary mobile is.



  1. I have had a pear crack my windscreen in the past. Certainly, a crack proof windscreen would be a good thing.

    However,with the experiences we have had on smartphone screens cracking like eggshells despite so called Gorilla Glass, I wouldn’t put much faith until I see someone actually throw a stone at this type of glass, and it acts like water off a ducks back.

    Besides, if the cost would be significant, why bother? In over two decades of using a car, I have only had my windscreen broken once. Most likely,people don’t throw stones indiscriminately at car windscreens…

  2. “”car that has more lines of code than an advanced jet fighter””

    As much as these has a great deal of advantage, new cars that the mechanical components are electrically controlled and also by software with need for connecting to the Internet scares the hell out of me. Hackers can do and undo… Has anyone see the movie IT by Pierce Brosnan?

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