GPD Pocket: Would you buy a 7-inch small laptop?

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In our world today, we have come across small computers, and even smaller computers. The GPD Pocket is one of such. Think of a small computer that fits into pockets, lady handbags, and very lightweight.  It is just 7-inches. “How possible? Is it powerful enough?” One may ask, but it actually works – at least on paper.

GPD Pocket Laptop

GPD Pocket Features:

Talking of specifications,  the GDP Pocket has a 7-inch 1080p display. It is made of a metal frame, comes with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. On the right hand side, there’s a USB port, an earphone port, a HDMI port and a Type C port – this can be expanded with peripherals to accommodate extra ports. This mini laptop will come in two options : Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and a Windows 10 versions.

GPD Pocket

For performance, the GPD Pocket features an Intel x7-Z8750 chip, plus a 7000 mAh polymer lithium battery. The battery is said to last for 12-hours. This mini laptop is available for $399, you can find out more on their Indiegogo page . Do you fancy such a small laptop?



  1. What makes a laptop a laptop, and not a tablet? The operating system? Presence of a non_detachable keyboard.?

    I think this is just a glorified tablet masquerading as a laptop..

  2. A few years ago that would have been called a netbook – it’s now a “7” laptop”? I think I have my old Asus EEE knocking around somewhere…

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