The last time I used Grammarly keyboard, it looked very different from how it is now. Finding it in the Play Store yesterday, and after

Grammarly keyboard app is now a Gboard clone

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The last time I used Grammarly keyboard, it looked very different from how it is now. Finding it in the Play Store yesterday, and after installing it, I was shocked to find that it has been given a visual overhaul that has transformed it into a Gboard clone. Gboard is the new Google keyboard for Android OS.

Since Gboard is my de-facto keyboard on Android, the new look means that it is an easy transition for me in trying out Grammarly this second time. But why did I try it the first time?

If there is one weak spot in Gboard, it is how it messes with your spelling during text entry. As such, you will find yourself ending up with lots of errors in your typed documents. Grammarly keyboard app attempts to solve that problem.

What is the point of autocorrect that messes up your typing?

So, I gave Grammarly a shot some months ago. It handled the autocorrect issue better. The experience was generally good and not much different from what it is now, in my opinion. I like the new Gboard layout. It means I do not have to make any serious adjustments in how I type.

Here is a collage of Gboard (top) and Grammarly Keyboard (bottom):

collage gboard top grammarly keyboard bottom

Grammarly Keyboard Is Limited By Poor Internet

The spell checker works too: it works well whenever the internet connection is strong and fast. At other times when once has to deal with epileptic and slow connectivity, it is a bit of a pain to use. You have typed a phrase with a few typos, and you just have to stare at the screen till the corrected spellings get pulled from the cloud.

Not so nice. So, besides the new look, Grammarly is still not quite fun to use yet for me. If you are guaranteed fast, reliable internet, you should have little to complain about this keyboard with a built-in spell checker. Gboard is much smoother to use, but that constant messing up of words….

Besides the lag and sluggishness that happen when internet connectivity is poor, the keyboard works fine. I wish that the tactile feedback was a tad stronger, but other than that Grammarly keyboard works fine.

Diving into my phone’s Language settings, I find that Grammarly seems integrated tightly with Gboard – so tightly that when I turn off Gboard, Grammarly greys out too. Interesting.

I really do want a keyboard app with built-in spell checker. Will I keep Grammarly keyboard installed and running or will I be compelled to switch back to Gboard? Only time will tell.

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