My first Grammarly Weekly Progress Report is motivating

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So, it turns out that Grammarly mails users a weekly progress report, detailing their usage, pointing out errors. It looks like a good way to stay motivated at typing better. I found my first Grammarly Weekly Progress Report insightful and motivating. If you want to have a peek, come along!

My progress report opened on an encouraging note with the following lines:

Whoa, you had a stellar week. Not only did you unlock a new achievement badge but you also set 2 new personal records. Great job!

My First Grammarly Weekly Progress Report

I set two personal records? But it was my first week! Reading through the report though, I could see that the records were worth being excited about. So, here is how I performed in the last week of typing using Grammarly keyboard app.


Grammarly says I was more productive than 87% of Grammarly users. No surprise. Though I have access to a laptop, I do a lot of typing on my smartphone. It is just more convenient to hammer away a quick draft or note on the phone. The laptop is reserved for polishing them up and for heavier tasks.

The Grammarly system checked 4,116 words that I typed to arrive at this grading. Not half bad.


In terms of vocabulary, the Grammarly Weekly Progress Report says that I used more unique words than 90% of Grammarly users. How many unique words did I use in that first week? 1,051. My English teachers from secondary school will be proud.


If you were thinking I was on an endless winning streak, you were thinking wrong. I left the worst for last for god measure. In terms of accuracy of typing, I was down there, making tons of mistakes. Grammarly says I was more accurate than just 41% of its users. I made 115 typing mistakes. Bummer.

An explanation could be that since most of my heavy typing on mobile is for creating quick drafts and putting my thoughts down quickly, I just tend to not pay too much attention to accuracy. Time will tell, and I know this because now that this nice app has thrown it in my face, the perfectionist side of me is going to want to curb it.

Hopefully, my next Grammarly Weekly Progress Report will say that I was more accurate than 85% or 90% of users. Did I mention how motivating this report thing is? because, now I want to do better than I did the last time.

I think this Grammarly weekly update is a great tool for pushing yourself to be better at typing and use of English. Whether you are a blogger, writer, student, worker, or whatever else, communication is essential. You cannot go wrong trying to do better at it.

If this article has you intrigued and wanting to give the app a go, check my earlier article about Grammarly keyboard app.


  1. 2nd week report is in, and I did better in all thee categories.

    Productivity: I was more productive than 98% of users. That is up from 87% the previous week.

    Vocabulary: I used more unique words than 97% of users. That is up from 90% the previous week.

    Mastery: I was more accurate than 68% of users. That is up from 41% the previous.

    I have much more work to do in the mastery/accuracy category. *rolls up sleeves and gets to work*

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