GrammarPal, a Nigerian-developed grammar checker app

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Typing in English is not as easy for some people as it is for others. Luckily, on desktop there are several tools to check for grammatical mistakes and other errors we make while typing. However, mobile devices do not have such options. Therefore, apps that correct your grammar are quite useful. One such app is GrammarPal. This is a grammar monitor app developed by Nigerian software developer Kizito Nwose. This app is different from the default spellchecker on your smartphone, which does nothing more than point out your spelling mistakes. GrammarPal tries to correct your grammatical errors and spelling mistakes on all your apps.

Here’s how to use this app. First, download and install GrammarPal from the Google Play Store. The app will trigger a floating icon whenever you type, and this works on all apps. Now, after typing, you can tap on the floating icon, where it will show all you have typed and point out the grammatical mistakes you made. To correct the mistakes, tap on the floating icon and make the necessary corrections. Features of the app include the ability to scan texts for errors across any app, instantly identify the errors in the text after scanning, replacing the errors with the correct words or phrases and adding new words and phrases to your custom dictionary so they don’t show up as errors.GrammarPal

So far, reports suggest that the app is really easy to use. Most people have pointed out that this app stands out among apps developed by Nigerian app creators. This surely serves as inspiration for other Nigerian app developers. GrammarPal is a really convenient app, easy to install and use. The floating button is unobtrusive, and when you are done typing it just checks the grammar and notifies you of how many errors it found. When it finds errors, the app highlights them in different colors: red for a spelling error, blue for a style issue, and yellow for any other problem. When you close your text box, the floating window closes down too.

GrammarPal is available for free on the Google Play Store.

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