Here Are Some Great Apps To Help You Sleep

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Here at MobilityArena, everything is about the newest gadget, latest innovation and trending apps. You can find reviews for the latest in smartphone technology from the Moto G5 Plus to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So, in today’s blog post, I want to talk about apps, specifically ones that aid in our rest.

Great Apps To Help You Sleep

Sleeping 8 hours a day is what is recommended by professionals and if we don’t listen, then it can start to affect our lives in many ways. When we don’t sleep well, cognitive abilities are affected like focus and memory. When we sleep, our bodies conduct a series of repairs to damaged tissues. Our cardiovascular system can seriously suffer from lack of sleep. We can gain weight, develop diabetes, and end up looking older than our years. Sleeping is important. Lucky for us, we live in an era when there is an app for everything, even for sleeping!

Why Aren’t You Sleeping?

If you are reading this, then you might be a person who is having trouble sleeping. Your first step is to pinpoint the reason why.

Maybe you are a person who feels pains in hips, shoulder, back, or neck when you go to bed. If this is the case, then an app might not be the help you need. This could be the results of an old or damaged mattress. There are a lot of great options for mattresses on the market today, including a smart mattress, which combines comfort and sleep technology.

But you might be suffering from Insomnia, a sleep disorder where a person can’t fall asleep or sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that interrupts the sleeper with shallow or stopped breaths. To address these scenarios, app developers have introduced exciting applications that can help with the sleepless.

Relax & Sleep Well

This app was created with the intention of helping people overcome anxiety at bedtime, free you from stress at bedtime, and train you to create healthy sleeping habits. Narrated by Glenn Harrold, a bestselling self-help writer, this app uses meditation, hypnotherapy, and other options including mindfulness recordings and self-esteem builders.

Sound effects in the background are placed in this app with frequencies and keys that are specific to sleep. They are designed to help you relax into a deep mediation.


Using psychoacoustics, this app claims to help you fall asleep for that power nap and wake up feeling like a new person. Psychoacoustics is the use of sound perception and the physiological effects it has in psychology. The sounds they use were made to guide us through each stage of sleep.

The sound effects, voiceover, and music work together to give you the best night of uninterrupted sleep you can get.

Sleep Cycle

Unlike the other apps we’ve discussed thus far, Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleeping patterns and works as a tracker too. Set the time you want to wake in the morning and Sleep Cycle will wait wake you during light phase so that you won’t feel sluggish when you wake. In fact, you should feel refreshed and ready to take on your day.

The microphone on your smartphone will pick up sounds from your sleep patterns and movements. Sleep Cycle will analyze them to know which stage of sleep you are experiencing. This is how it avoids waking you during a deep sleep.

Sleep Time

Algorithms are the center of this app, which also analyzes your sleep patterns. This app also wakes you during a light sleep opposed to deep so that you won’t wake up feeling groggy by monitoring your vibrations and sounds. It includes soothing sounds like rain forest storms and ocean waves.

When you awaken, you will have access to graphs and charts with your own customized information.


Named after one of our favorite sleep aides, this app also tracks and monitors sleep pattern and sleep quality. It also uses a motion and sound algorithm to learn exactly how you sleep. If you own an iPhone then this app might work well for you since it easily integrates with the Health app that comes with your smartphone.

Also, this app uses metrics for health and fitness, which include heart rate, dietary calories, caffeine and/or alcohol consumption, weight, and blood pressure, to see how these affect the quality of your sleep.


With the use of ambient sounds and colors that help you relax, this app works as a sort of white noise machine when you are having trouble sleeping. It drowns out background noises with sounds that improve your productivity and concentration when you are awake.

It also uses nature sounds like some of the other apps including wind, rain, thunderstorms, and babbling brooks. The idea is to free you from stress and lull you to sleep. The timer works well if you are getting a full night sleep or just a power nap.


No matter what the reason is that is giving you a hard time sleeping, these apps can help you relax and tell you a little bit about your sleeping patterns. Try one or a few to figure out which one works best for you. Before you know it you’ll be sleeping well at night and feeling great the next day.


  1. Nice that there is an app for almost everything…


    I think the most critical impediment to being able to follow this.

    Sleeping 8 hours a day is what is recommended by professionals and if we don’t listen, then it can start to affect our lives in many ways.

    … is because there is simply not enough time to sleep.

    Many many people in a mad city like Lagos only have maybe five to six hours of time to fall sleep. The other hours are devoted to surviving… working, transiting……

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