Gremlins hold MTN internet server hostage

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Yesterday evening, a gang of nasty gremlins launched an attack on MTN Nigeria’s packet data service, rendering it unusable. Till this moment, trying to get a connection on the MTN 3G and GPRS networks has been more difficult than pushing a camel through the eye of a needle.

We are talking over 24 hours of unusable service to data subscribers. Hopefully, this nightmare will be over when the sun rises tomorrow.


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  1. No wonder! I have been wondering what the heck was going on. Getting access has been hell & I have a mountain of work and deadlines to meet. As I speak, I am at a cafe – can’t remember when last – and it has been frustrating. I have spent 3 hours doing 30 mins work! Not funny!!!

  2. Bayuze,

    I have been burning my candle at both ends, using Glo prepaid internet as a backup right now. It is sad. As I type this, the problem is yet unsolved.

    3 hours doing 30 minutes work? Oh, dear…

  3. Has anyone noticed? The gremlins seem to have been dislodged from MTN’s server, and the y’hellow connection is more stable and reliable now.

  4. Yomi I dont really think so…They might be back or still lingering as I have had unreliable service for the past couple of days!

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