GSM Customer Care: An Assessment

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etisalatCustomer care for me is probably the most component of service delivery. As such, I embarked on a journey to assess the new entrant’s into the GSM fray, measuring Etisalat’s competence at customer service delivery against the backdrop of prevalent practices in the industry.

Will it be fair to assess them so soon? It may not be a fair comparison since they dont have the customer base of the others (thousands versus millions) but I will give it a shot.

Before the entrance of Etisalat, I scored Glo the highest of all three (which is not that high anyway). I don’t have specific scores but was based on my assessment of response time, quality of response and courtesy.

Getting through to Customer care of all the three prior networks is a nightmare to say the least. I usually pray not to have any reason to need to contact them, but sometimes the inevitable occurs such as the over-scratching of poorly made recharge cards.

I have only gotten through to Glo’s 121 once during the day and that was after close to 50 dials. All the other times I have gotten through were in the middle of the night! After I finally got through each time, I was placed on hold for an average of 15 minutes. Quality of response has been fair but I remember when once I called to inquire about an ad in the papers & customer care said they knew nothing about it. But courtesy was pretty good.

I started off with Glo because simply put, I have never gotten through to MTN on 180 & Zain on 111. After dialling 180 and pressing the number to put me through to CC, the connection fails. Same goes for 111 on Zain.

Back to Etisalat, dialling 200 was a breeze. Got through on my first dial and was put through to the Customer Care representative in an average of 3 minutes 30 seconds on the 3 occasions I called.

Responses were good but mainly from the textbook and were details I already knew from their website. I made an enquiry about some products on their website and the representative was kind enough to tell me she didnt know and made an effort to get the information from a supervisor. She was profuse in her apologies when the information was not available and politely asked me to call back at a later time.

On the whole, it might be a bit too early but I rate Etisalat high on their Customer Care services with Glo second and MTN & Zain vying for the abysmal bottom spot.