GSM operators fail to pay NCC's N1.17b fine

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The Nigerian telecoms regulator, NCC, recently fined the four GSM network operators in the country for poor service quality. The NCC directed the four companies to pay their respective fines not later than May 25 this year or risk fresh rounds of punitive fines pegged at N2.5million per day if they default in meeting the payment deadline.

Shortly after the fines were imposed, the GSM networks issued a joint public response.

As it stands, none of them have paid the fines till date and news reports are that they are seeking to meet with the NCC to talk things over. The operators are also said to be talking to the Minister on Communication for mediation in the face-off.

If you are interested in all the intrigues, get all the details.

  1. NCC should commence number portability. This is a good way to ensure a level of some sanity in the industry. Why would they run when nobody is chasing them?

  2. The NCC/FG should watch it. If think develop to the state where fines and sanctions could be rebuffed or talked over or resulting to a face-off, it might not be too good for their position.

    Besides, the operators could revolt, send mass SMS to their users concerning what is happening and switch. You can imagine how the masses would react, after all we know how much the NCC and the government are contributing to make things work in this country.

  3. I still would love to know what the NCC will do with the fines, if they ever get paid.

    There will be no winners in this stand-off, not even the subscribers.

  4. Told y’all this issue will go the way of the fine on foreign airlines. It is too arbitary. This fine will be contested until if fizzles out.

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