Yesterday morning, I needed to login to check if my long empty bank account had received a fresh inflow of cash from some unknown person (you know…

GTBank Android app gets enhanced security features

Yesterday morning, I needed to login to check if my long empty bank account had received a fresh inflow of cash from some unknown person (you know that popular prayer point in church about God blessing you from unexpected sources; don’t you?). So, I picked up my mobile and launched the GTBank Android app. Trying to login produced the following error message:


gtbank android app - error receiving response

I’ve been a bit of a sleepy head in the last few days, so it didn’t immediately register in my head that an error of this sort usually means that there is an app update waiting in the wings. Some hours later, the light bulb in my head came up and I headed fpor the Play Store. Sure enough, there was an update available. I ran it and then proceeded to login to my account again.


The Updated GTBank Android App

This time, I was logged in but immediately got this message:

gtbank android app - to improve security


My first response was, “Nice!” You see, locking my account use to my device means that the risks of anyone being able to get in on any other devices are reduced. Am I getting that right, or am I still in sleepy head mode today?

But that isn’t all. On the new GTBank Android app, transactions can now be approved with either a token or PIN. So, if you do not want the hassles involved with tokens, you can create a unique PIN for approving your transactions and use that instead. Yay for usability!

gtank android app

First Impressions

The process of creating a transaction PIN requires that GTBank sends you a token via SMS though. In my case, I have been unlucky with SMS since activating Do Not Disturb on my Glo line: I have not been getting any bank SMS alerts since then. Even some legitimate SMS from my contacts have not been delivering to me.

As such, the token that GTBank was supposed to have sent by SMS has not arrived on my phone till now, a day later. Aaaargh! What kind of life is this sef? Anyway, I shall sort out that SMS wahala and get my groove back on.

In the meantime, I think that the new GTBank Android app is an improvement on both security and convenience. As always, if I have any more crazy experiences, I shall write about it.

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  1. Good one.

    I still think GTBank is the most innovative bank in Nigeria. And the amazing thing is they do their software development in-house too.

    Thankfully, the perpetually serpentine queues in their banking halls need go be endured only very very occasionally, thanks to internet and SMS banking.

  2. Not too sure if I like this. You see, I sometimes have to borrow another phone when my connection starts acting up & I needed to carry out an urgent transaction. Will also stick to using my hardware token… Afterall, I already have it and I believe hardware generated token is more secured than any other means.

  3. that’s hardly new, it’s always been a feature of the mobile money account, they just extended it to the other part of the app. also you didn’t get this notice before

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