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By default, I am biased against apps that try to be all things to all people. GTBank’s Habari app tries to do just that. Which means that by default, I am biased against it. I needed to put out that disclosure.

Having done that, let me introduce you to the app. GTBank wants you to use Habari for your music, news, videos, e-learning, as well as your bills. In their own words, “With Habari, you can do all and be all”.

First Impressions of Habari App

I downloaded and installed Habari the very day it was announced. And within an hour or so, I had uninstalled it and gone my merry way. Simply put: there were so many things it wanted me to do that I couldn’t deal.

I couldn’t just get a fix in my head about what I want the app for.

But I know these things sometimes grow on one, so I have reinstalled it and I am giving it another go.

Habari app homepage


What You Can Do On Habari App

You can buy books, read blogs and newspapers, get videos, and listen to music on Habari.

You can buy airtime and data plans for various networks as well. And you can buy stuff.

Shopping on Habari

I checked out the Shop section. It has several categories, including gadgets, men’s shoes, smartphones, etc.

I am wondering who came up with the idea of lemon green text on white background though. Really? Distasteful. Difficult to read. Bad idea.

Habari shop

Most of the other sections do not have the usability issues of the shopping section. They seem well designed.

It does so many things without being striking or outstanding at any of them. Maybe that is the problem for me. I have other apps that already offer me an outstanding experience in each of the things that the Habari app does.

Habari blogs


Convergence is great, but there is a reason why the greatest apps in the world are known for one key thing, even if they offer other layers of features on top of that.

Habari isn’t one thing with satellite services. It is many things all at the same time.

Habari App Reviews from  Google Play Store

I went back to Google Play to have a look at the download numbers and user reviews of the app.

At the time of this review, it has scored over 10,000 downloads from Google Play. Going through the reviews there, the Habari app doesn’t seem to be working well for a lot of people.

Habari app Google Play Store reviews

There are all sorts of complaints about all sorts of things.

In my opinion, it is always a better strategy to launch an app with one focus, and then add other functionailty to it over time. This is what happens when an app tries to do so many things at once from the starting line.

Of course, chances are that the legion of teething issues will eventually be ironed out, but by that time, some users will have formed negative impressions about the app.

Like GTBank said, it is all there. I just still can’t see myself using it. Perhaps it works for many others. Perhaps it will still grow on me.

Have you given the Habari app a spin? Do share your experience.

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  1. So because i did not want to pay N100 fee for transaction on quickteller, I bought ntel unlimited data from the app. The money was promptly deducted from wallet but till now, after 3days, sub has not been activated. Numerous calls to their CC havent solved the matter. All I get is their usual ” we are looking into it” I wont be needing the app anymore

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