On plugging her phone to a power source, there was no sign of anything being plugged in. She noticed nothing happened – no beep, no sound, no…

Guard your original USB cable with your life.. Here’s why.

On plugging her phone to a power source, there was no sign of anything being plugged in. She noticed nothing happened – no beep, no sound, no illumination. “Ok maybe it’s from the power source”, she thought.


Switched it OFF and ON tried again, nothing happened, phone is not charging. “Maybe it’s from the wall adapter”, she brought it close to her nose if she would perceive any funny smell. Nothing. “But I just used this charger this morning”, “Which kind winch be this, she exclaimed.

The scenario above is one of such cases where the USB cable that comes with your phone suddenly goes bad. Always pray that such a day never comes to pass.


Micro-USB cable plus wall plugYour USB cable is made up of 4 strands of cable; 2 serves for charging the phone, while the other 2 serves for data transfer with a PC. Most of the time, when the stock cable that comes with your device gets bad, getting a replacement becomes a Herculean task.

Either it only charges without working for data transfer ,or it transfers data without charging, or it takes ages to charge, or in worse cases, it doesn’t grip firmly when plugged to your phone, forcing you to adjust the phone to awkward positions before you can charge or transfer data.


You might end up stealing a friend’s cable before you have something that works :-). This probem is always prevalent among by Blackberry and iPhone users.


Now you see why you have to guard your original USB cable and handle it with all the care you can, because chances are you won’t easily find a replacement that will serve you with same satisfaction.

Reminds me of the quote,


You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.

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  1. There are quality aftermarket replacements, getting your hands on one may be an herculean task though.

    It’s expensive by the usual “N150” standard but I bet it will serve as a perfect replacement.

  2. True talk.Moreso when you are the type that loans out your charger to every Tom,Dick and Harry.

  3. I agree. I’ve used many third party USB/Lightning cables that have worked fine, but then I didn’t use just any cable.

    Some cables are device specific, just as some headphones are.

  4. I have like seven chargers in the house.The strange thing is some charger/cable combination would work this phone, but not that tablet, Another combination would work to charge this powerbank, but reversing the cable, the power bank may charge that tablet, but not this phone.

    It is confusing.

    What I have finally done is to label everything, clearly.Problem solved.

    Meanwhile I have not had to buy an after market charger/cable yet….

  5. I had similar issue when my Samsung Galaxy Note II charging started taking longer time. Luckily for me, I came across an app (Galaxy Charging Current lite in Android Play Store) that helps check if your device is charging well and at maximum speed. Armed with the app, I went about in search of a ssuitable USB cable. None of the cables I found in the phone accessories market was charging to half capacity expected. Frustrated, I got home, only to plug in my old, factory cable of Nokia N8. Alas(!), it worked like magic! I have been happily using it for months!

  6. That’s great news. Those old Nokia USB cables are diamonds. Preserve them if you have any. I still have one of those very short ones

  7. I wish some of my colleagues will read dis and stop bothering me about my charger always.

    The follow come charger of my Q10 is bad now all in the name of I left my charger at home…Please let me use ur charger.

    All thanks to the short Nokia USB cable for coming to my rescue.

  8. TRENDnet’s lightweight USB 3.0 to help Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, type TU3-ETG, speedily provides the Gigabit Ethernet port with a Windows or even Mac computer system. A new Super Speed USB 3.0 port helps Complete Duplex 2 Gbps exchange data transfer speeds. This TU3-ETG is compatible along with more aged USB 2.0 in addition to 1.1 ports.

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