Guess what!! parts of Android framework found in the latest Windows 10 build

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A while back we dropped news that the upcoming Windows 10 for mobiles will have support for Android apps, and that Microsoft will release a compiler for willing developers to easily port their apps. In a new revelation, techies have discovered some parts of Android framework in the latest Windows 10 build, version 10149 to be precise.

The Android sub-parts include some dll files, tools like adb, the Android Debugger Daemon and both native and Hyper-V drivers. All these took up about 100 MB out of the 300 MB of the whole Windows 10 build. Let’s see if this will be activated in further updates.

There are also reports that call recording feature might be baked into the upcoming Windows 10. Something that cannot be found on iOS and Android. Let’s see how this upcoming OS turns out.




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