Guess what !! Samsung is also making smart shoes

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Starting from the 22nd to the 26th of February 2016, the Mobile World Congress will take place. This is an event where companies shows case loads of new products and services. Samsung, as we know, might eventually announce a couple of new gadgets during that period ( maybe the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge). One thing we never expected is a smart shoe. Of all people, it’s coming from Samsung.


These shoes are said to be embedded with sensors that can detect your balance and posture . It can then use that information to offer tips on improving your fitness regimen or golf swing. It also works together with a coaching app to be installed on your phone.


Named IOFIT, these shoes were developed by Salted Venture, a startup supported by Samsung Electronics, and it’s said to come in two variants: a running shoe and the oxford variant. The former is priced around $200 while the later is approximately $260.


  1. Pass. If Nike did it I might pay attention, even my favourite, Adidas. At least those are tried and tested. The IOFIT? Let them hit the market sans tech and be proven first as fitness footwear before tagging tech to it.

  2. Just another way to fleece consumers of their hard earned money,$260 for a so called Smartshoe with non proven health benefits..

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