Guess what the Blackberry Q5 and Infinix Hot 2 have in common

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For a few days now the Blackberry Q5 and the Infinix Hot 2 are my daily drivers. Keeping me informed, handling emails, chats and other stuff. I see these two guys as an ideal combo. The beloved Blackberry hardware keyboard balanced by the rougher Android side of life.
You may wonder, “What then could these two distinct devices have in common?” Placed these two babies together and side-by-side, then something struck me. Look at the images below and tell me what you observe.

See those 3 holes at the lower part of both phones? That’s the speaker grill. It’s amazing to see that both devices share similar design in that aspect. In this world of extremes, differences and complexities, we may just find common ground if only we can sit and observe.


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