Guess why this guy is ditching Infinix Zero 2 for Infinix Hot 2

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Taj is a smartphone enthusiast. He is dropping his Infinix Zero 2 for the Hot 2, and here’s why:

Are you a fan of stock Android? Would you drop your current Android smartphone for an equivalent running stock Android OS? Tell us!


  1. yes, in a heartbeat
    if using the Nexus 4 has thought me anything it’s that stock Android is the best way to go

  2. Sold off my hot note pro today for 25k…. Ordered for the hot 2 already… Stock Android is far better… If I can’t get nexus I get android one

  3. I’ve always been an advocate of stock Android, if only due to the fact that you’re not at the mercy of the manufacturer and network waiting for updates. Add to that less bloatware.

  4. the Battery is what I want in a device at the moment. if I want to get other android experience, there are always Roms

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