The 3rd revision of my popular ebook, Guide to Mobile Internet in Nigeria (first published in June 2009), is now available for download. This time,

Guide to Mobile Internet in Nigeria (3rd Revision) now available for download

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The 3rd revision of my popular ebook, Guide to Mobile Internet in Nigeria (first published in June 2009), is now available for download. This time, a CDMA network, Starcomms makes a debut in the guide, plus updates on Etisalat and other minor revisions.

The size of the ebook has also been reduced. Now, its a smaller 1.25mb in size, compared to 14.9mb for the 2nd Revision. My colleagues and I are convinced that the size of the book limited downloads somewhat.

The previous revision was downloaded 972 times. In all, my Guide to Mobile Internet in Nigeria has recorded over 3, 000 downloads since June 2009 till today, June 8, 2010.

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  1. Thanks Yomi.

    Three revisions within the first six month in 2010? This shows how dynamic our networks are in Nigeria. Things do change every so often here. I only hope the changes are for the benefit of the subscibers.

  2. deoladoctor,

    So far, the changes have been beneficial to subscribers: Etisalat opening up EasyNet to regular voice SIMs is a case in point.

    Its the CDMA networks that really need to sit up with regards mobile internet. Only when they do would the GSM boys feel enough heat to adjust with prices.

    Just imagine if every CDMS networks offered mobile internet on a wide range of devices at around the same cost that Starcomms is doing. Imagine how that would rock the boat. N3,500 for 1GB (and N4,500 for 2GB) of internet monthly is sweet.

    For now, we wish.

  3. @Yomi

    N15,000 for three months (or 250hrs) and no megabyte cap is sweeter. You tether and download as much as you want.
    And if you are the type that live in cyberspace, pay about N15,000 a month and connect “always on”, no megabyte cap, no time cap except when the one month expires.

    Am afraid all these may change if starcomms go the way of AT&T or O2.

  4. Hi Yomi!

    I would love to read your report but unfortunately once i downloaded it the Pdf came out blank, just with the logos of the telcoms and text on page 10, rest empty… Could you please check what the problem is? I would appreciate it if you could get back to me as I’m currently researching the subject and solid info is difficult to find.


  5. I downloaded and saved it for weekend, but decided to take a scan and all i have to say is Thank You.

    Stracomms izap is wonderful and the mobile package of N3,500 for 1GB and N4,500 for 2GB through the Motorola Q9c is excellent but the Motorola Q9c sucks and it is the only phone they offer. The phone is an old windows mobile phone sold for 40,000. I called their customer care and advised them that they really need to go for other CDMA phones if they mean business.

    I pray seriously that starcomms never go the way of AT&T or O2 to cancel the unlimited plans.

    @flimsy May be you should try downloading it using another system I had no issues downloading it myself.

  6. @bosun99uk

    I agree with you on all the points, moreso the need for starcomms to up their game and introduce more modern handsets for their network.
    However, i want to point out that the moto q9c, though just slightly dated, (WinMo 6.1) is actually free. You get the phone plus 3 months always on internet for a price a little less than what you would normally pay for the 3 months internet plan. What more can you ask for on this nice and juicy promo plan?

  7. @Yomi Adegboye Many Thanks, digested it all over the weekend.

    @deoladoctor The plan looks good but for an internet on the go with any phone, I feel the Glo 1.5GB N5000 is the best if one does not want a blackberry.

  8. @bosun
    check the new mtn bundles,, i gess they are quite user friendly for all class of people

  9. @jab
    I have been following up with it, and i must say that they are not bad at all. But they are mainly voice and sms plans even though 3 of them have data included in the plan it is evident that it was not given particular attention, unless you are ready to pay 25000 for the Smartlink. Even the 60MB and the 500MB for the funlink and Prolink are for weekend only and i wonder why. I see my self using funlink or Prolink for my voice and sms desire but for Data MTN is still not ready.

  10. there will keep being upgrades and improvements,
    glo just lunched the N1,000 bundle that will give
    you 150mb for 30days. The good thing is that you can
    use it on your phone too. isn’t that awesome?

  11. MTN has launched a 100MB/ 30days package as well for 1000 Naira.. works on any smartphone.. send 106 to 131 thats it…

    Nice work on your study.. would be nice if we can update the price informaation in a small table on this site as well. including codes used to activate these packages

    does anyone have the activation code for the GLO150 MB / 30 days package


  12. @Ralph
    Text ’13’ to 127 for Glo’s ALWAYS MICRO

    text ‘info’ to 127 for information on your data account

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